Micro Chip


Based on decades of extensive experience in disparate sensor integration, RTI possesses a unique core competency in this area and a product, the RTI SPARK Protocol Handler, that allows easy and affordable integration of sensor data and sensor networking.

The true value-add is not just our integration of sensors, but also our normalization of data streams from non-conforming sensors into one format, such as the Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA) which can be shared by many consumers to:


  • Provide interoperability among sensors and sensor networks

  • Make all sensors dynamically discoverable and available

  • Enable information sharing among sensors systems across domains


With expertise in data stream analysis, normalization, and data packing, we tailor the data interfaces to support a variety of throughput constraints and mediums; for example, key information that matters most to a Warfighter on a low bandwidth tactical connection - to the opposite end of the spectrum, by making all sensor data available to the enterprise via high throughput high performance computing to support big data analytics and correlation with other sensors, indicators, and warnings.


RTI understands how to emulate networks of sensors to prove out and inform deployments in a cost-effective lab environment; thereby reducing the risk and cost associated with live operational environment deployments.  RTI's Sensor Simulation Platform was designed, with flexibility and extensibility, to provide this type of disparate and distributed sensor and sensor network emulation.


Sensor command, control, and data access can be provided to your existing display system(s) in a variety of formats (XML, for example).  However, if you do not have an interface, RTI's Sensor Common Operational Picture (COP) can provide that capability for you in the following forms: cloud, workstation/laptop, and handheld/mobile.


RTI has decades of extensive experience in the niche of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Explosive (CBRN-E) sensors and systems.  Some of the processes and implementations it has led in this space include:

  • Implementation of the Common CBRN Sensor Interface (CCSI) specification and associated toolset

  • The novel sensor communications on-a-chip integration effort

  • The SPARK Protocol Handler (SPH) to provide a universal software solution for sensor connectivity via DoD standards


The SPARK PH is currently in use by the DoD and under consideration by CBRN sensor vendors for its plug and play (PnP) interface design. Integrating non-conforming sensor protocols and adding new specifications and interfaces for sensor integration is a core expertise of RTI.

RTI’s sensor products were developed and refined to enable sensor integration and can be tailored for your sensors and unique requirements.